Zapf Creation

Zapf Creation

Zapf Creation produces the dolls that we make clothes for.

Baby Born

Baby Born is often considered to be the most lifelike of the series due to the numerous functions that the doll can perform such as crying, drinking from a bottle, wetting its nappy and using a potty, all performed without batteries, ensure that role-play is extremely realistic. The most recent version includes 9 Functions and 10 accessories including a musical potty chair and designer bottle. Varieties include boy, girl and ethnic girl.

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Baby Annabell

The Bably Annabell doll comes with a variety of accessories and has a large product line which includes extra bits and bobs, outfits and furniture pieces. can babble, cry, suck her dummy, drink from her bottle and so on

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Baby Chou Chou

Baby Chou Chou is sometimes used to teach young girls in particular about various stages of a baby's life including her first tooth and minor colds, though most are intended just for playing with. It offers complete worlds of doll-play in which the girls can interact and vividly re-enact situations. Innovative play sets, dolls and accessories enable interesting and novel role-play.

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Zapf Creation

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